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Religious books and icons

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During 2013, in the new space created in the North part of the building, completed in 2008, a small shop of religious books and religious objects was established. Among Holy Bibles, psalteries, prayer books and theological writings, believers can obtain beautiful icons made by Romanian monks from the monasteries at Mount Athos (Greece). Titu Blaga and Gheorghe Teoderaşcu, with passion and faith, manage the administration of this shop, a true oasis of orthodoxy for all the faithful who enter the Saint George Romanian Church in Toronto.

The church store, selling religious books and icons, can offer you:

  • The Bible
  • Prayer books
  • Biographies of saints
  • Religious books for kids
  • Orthodox magazines
  • History of Holy Mountain Athos

There is a wide variety of orthodox icons available: Icoane

  • Jesus Christ
  • Virgin Mary
  • Saint John the Baptist
  • Saints Peter and Paul
  • Saint Andrew
  • Saint George
  • Saint Nicholas
  • Saint Demetrios
  • The Three Hierarchs Basil, Gregory and John
  • Saint Mina
  • Saint Panteleimon
  • Icoane
  • Saint Seraphim of Sarov
  • Saint Anthony the Great
  • Saint John Maximovici
  • Saint Spyridon
  • Saint Emilion
  • Saint John the Russian
  • Saint Stelian
  • Saint Silouan the Athonite
  • Saint David the Prophet
  • Saint Ann with child Mary
  • Saint Martyr Catherine
  • Saint Empress Alexandra
  • The devoutly Parascheva of Iasi
  • The Guardian Angel

Also, at the church store you can find candle holders, crosses, incense vessels, myrrh, incense, CDs with payers and the audio Bible for kids.

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